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Add / Remove Employees With Secure Access Role

Staff members that will be responsible for transmitting CeRTNA ERDS transactions are required to obtain a 'Secure Access' role. 'Secure Access' staff members will be assigned a USB token that will contain a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate that uniquely identifies that staff member. There are administrative activities associated with adding and/or removing employees with a 'Secure Access' role and those processes are documented below:

Adding An Employee To CeRTNA

Adding an employee with a 'Secure Access' role to CeRTNA, requires a fingerprint & background check. The following steps are required to complete this process:

California residents will send the employee to local Live Scan provider utilizing a BCIA 8016ERDS form. Please fully complete the employee and employer sections prior to the appointment. Note that this form is a fillable PDF and utilizing acrobat to complete the form really helps the legibility.

Non-California residents should contact CeRTNA to obtain a 'Roll-Card' which will be taken to one of your local agencies to complete the fingerprint roll process. Your local police and/or sheriff departments typically offer this service.

IMPORTANT: Scan and send the completed Live-Scan or Roll-Card along with a completed and signed ERDS 0012 to CeRTNA (Patrick Honny) for submission to the DOJ. Please add the employee’s email and phone number to the Form 12.

  • If CeRTNA does not receive and submit these forms, the DOJ will not respond with the results of the live scan.
  • Please keep the originals of the forms in your CERTNA documentation for future audit.

The employer and employee should each receive a results letter from the DOJ within 3-4 weeks from submission.

  • Notify CeRTNA if you have not received the letter within 4 weeks of providing CeRTNA the submission material.

Upon receipt, scan and send CeRTNA a copy of the DOJ results letter to CeRTNA (Patrick Honny) and put a copy of the Approval Letter in your ERDS binder so that it is available for future audits.

  • Upon verification that CeRTNA has a complete file for the employee, CeRTNA will create a token and ERDS access credentials.
  • The token will be sent by USPS Priority mail and the credentials are sent to the employee via email.

The token remains the property of CERTNA and must be surrendered upon termination, change in role no longer requiring access to CERTNA, or upon request.

Removing An Employee From CeRTNA

When an employee with a 'Secure Access' role no longer needs access to CeRTNA, the following steps should be completed:

Notify CeRTNA as soon as possible with the effective date that the employee will no longer be authorized to access CERTNA.

  • Access will be terminated upon the effective date.

Collect and return the token to the following address:

Attn: Patrick Honny (1st Floor)
222 W. Hospitality Ln.
San Bernardino, CA 92415

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