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Electronic Recording Info

This is the home page for general information about how to get started with electronic recording using the CeRTNA Electronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS) platform.

California law now allows any submitter, which meets the legal requirements, to electronically record with California Recorders participating in the ERDS program.

To electronically record with counties serviced by CERTNA, you will need the following:

* Evidence (Certificate of Insurance) of liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000. * An agreement with a CERTNA approved submitting agent. * An executed MOU with CERTNA. This is provided and processed by the agent.

The current list of CeRTNA approved agents can be found at the link:

CeRTNA Approved Agents

The current list of California counties participating in the ERDS Program can be found at the following URL:

Other information that is accessible from the menu on the left:

  • Additional steps that are required before you can start doing electronic recording in the state of California.
  • On-going activities you will be responsible for once you start electronic recording.
  • Hardware you will need for electronic recording.
  • Other general information relating to the topic of electronic recording.
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